Automated Monitoring for Modern  Containerized Applications

OpsClarity monitors the health of your data frameworks and associated applications, detects and correlates failures, and provides recommendations that drive rapid and focused troubleshooting – even as everything is changing.


More than metric collection and dashboards

Automated discovery, health tracking and rapid troubleshooting for your modern apps and data infra.

Dynamic Topology

  • Automated discovery, metric collection, across the entire app
  • Designed to troubleshoot multi-layered systems, with complex interdepencies
  • Detailed health data that DevOps teams use every day, every minute

Unified Visualization

  • Complete infra map with hosts grouped by services or custom tags
  • Health status overlay for each host or service
  • Gain immediate understanding of entire system state

Timeline & Event Replay

  • Interactive timeline to replay system state like a DVR
  • Understand how failures cascade over time across data frameworks and apps
  • Pin-point root cause of degradation with a few clicks

Event Correlation

  • Data-science driven event correlation eliminates noise and drives focus
  • Events are generated from automatic anomaly detection – that learns system behavior
  • Filter events by importance, type, and scope to find and diagnose problems, fast

Drill Down Dashboard

  • Curated dashboards of service, system and custom metrics for each resource
  • Powerful graphing, highly scalable to visualize large metric groups
  • Detailed health data that DevOps teams use every day, every minute

Detect issues earlier. Resolve them faster.

At OpsClarity, we turn massive amounts of data into the insights you need to understand and resolve issues more quickly than ever before. It’s our data science difference. And it’s the closest thing you’ll find to a crystal ball for Ops.


Anomaly Detection

Know where to focus with proactive anomaly detection that highlights and ranks the most critical issues needing attention. Sophisticated algorithms automatically baseline your metrics – no threshold setting required – and get smarter over time by learning system behaviors and relationships


Health Models

Understand system performance at a glance with real-time health information overlaid on your always up-to-date topology map. Aggregated health models deliver a single indicator of application health for each service by intelligently synthesizing signals from all underlying hosts and sub-services.


Root Cause Analysis

Visually investigate events from across your application stack – including code deployments, health status changes, anomalies, and metric violations – without having to sift through hundreds of graphs and dashboards. Drill down into underlying metrics for any host or service to quickly find root cause.


The OpsClarity Intelligent Monitoring Platform.

At the heart of our platform is the Operational Knowledge Graph (OKG), a powerful engine with the accumulated knowledge of the most experienced operations engineers. OKG speeds the configuration and analysis your software environment by understanding operational data models, application and service topologies, critical metrics and events for each service, and failure patterns and propagation. Combined with a dynamic and interactive visual interface, OKG provides the most complete and actionable view of your system state at every moment in time.


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Accelerate performance of your modern applications.

Monitoring modern web-scale  applications is hard, but it gets easier when you have a map.

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